Hardhats for Harold


     Mitt Romney once said that only the wealthy should run for office.  The comment is just one incident among many that shows how out of touch Washington has become with the middle and working classes.  Too many of the men and women serving in Congress are wealthy lawyers who have never been middle class or who have never worked a hard days' labor.  They've never fought the exhaustion of a long day of back breaking work.  They've never sat there on payday wondering how to make every penny stretch to pay their rent or mortgage payment, pay their bills and still feed their families.  Unlike most Americans they've never faced the desperation of knowing that their paychecks just aren't enough to meet their bills.  

      This country fought for freedom from England over a simple and basic concept.  No taxation without representation.  The question now is whether someone who has never shared a single experience of the middle class or working class struggles can truly understand and represent the needs of those classes.  Will such people fight for the tax breaks, health care and other needs of the middle and working classes or will they sell those needs out for the desires of those like themselves?  Will the tax breaks go to the American Family or to the American Corporation?  History has shown that representation by the wealthy gives us only representation of the wealthy

     Tax breaks for working people are extended for minimal amounts of time while those for the wealthy are extended for years.  Estate taxes, that only affect estates worth over a million dollars are dropped permanently, but taxes that save the middle class a mere $400 are fought against.  Companies are offered tax credits to send jobs out of the country. Companies making Billions in profits are given millions more in grants they are not required to repay and tax credits that not only pay their US taxes, but taxes due in foreign countries as well.  In an era where the dream of home ownership is at it's most threatened tax credits for first time home buyers are eliminated.  

     It is for this reason that we need members of the working class to run for office.  We need someone who understands us and our needs to represent us and to fight for us.  In the South Carolina 2nd Congressional District that someone is Harold Geddings.  A sheet metal worker at the Savannah River Plant, Harold knows what it is to work hard every day for a paycheck.  He knows how to budget money to pay the bills and how to live within his means, something our current government has obviously forgotten.  Harold Geddings is ready to step up and represent you.  He is ready to listen to the real needs of the people of the 2nd District and he is ready to fight to ensure they are truly represented in Washington.