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Welcome to the Donations page!  Thank you for your interest in supporting a working candidate for a working people!

Every dollar donated will help Say No to Joe! 

Harold is a working man, just like you, not a rich man selling his soul to corporate interests to make himself even richer.  Help now with what you can afford to put a working man, who understands working men and women's needs, in Congress. 

You can select one of our preset donation amounts or enter your own.  Remember, every dollar counts.  Every dollar pledged is a dollar that says NO to Joe Wilson and Corporate ownership of the US Government!

Please remember, due to federal limits individuals and groups (that are not prohibited from making contributions, such as partnerships, sole proprietorships, certain LLCs and Indian tribes) may contribute a maximum of $2,500 per election to a candidate’s campaign.

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Hardhats for Harold
Started: January 19, 2012
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Online Donations are accepted for the Hardhats for Harold Campaign.  Feel free to select one of our preset amounts or to enter your own amount, to a maximum of $2,500. 

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